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What are the important on-page factors in SEO?

There are two key areas you need work on with search engine optimisation. These are “on-page” and “off-page”. I’m going to discuss on-page here because:

a) it’s important

b) I’ve done a video, it’d be a shame to waste it

So what’s it about then? Well it’s dead easy. Your on-page SEO is a little bit of technical know-how and a lot of common sense.

For example, our office is in Kinver and we have a local tourist office. When I go in there I find nothing about Kinver, it’s all about Brindley Place in Birmingham, or the Merry Hill Shopping Centre. Rubbish. That’s a “bad customer experience” and so I don’t go there for my information about the village. I go to the pub.

You need your page to have a good title, great content and good URLs. That’s about it. Watch the video…

Video contents:

Overview: 00:40
Page titles : 01:34
URLS : 03:27
Content : 04:13
Example of a bad web page : 07:55

For more useful SEO videos, you can check out the Calloway Green Youtube Channel.

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