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Google Buzzes Off

Google Buzz BinnedRemember Google Buzz? Eh? Remember it? The social network style chatty-thing that was going to be a Twitter-like tool to allow us all to communicate etc.? Use it? Nahh, nor me. Well, you can scratch it off the ‘To-do’ list because it’s gone away, gone the way of the Dodo. As a method of social networking (or whatever it was) it is no more.

Tossed into the rubbish bin like so many other failed attempts to get the masses to interact using a new, more streamlined and efficient platform. Problem was, though, nobody really used it. I have to admit, I’d never buzzed a single thing, not a dickie-bird. Never had cause to. I use Twitter a bit, but even that takes up valuable time I could be doing something else (like talking to people, interacting, having a lot of fun etc.) and so adding yet another social network to my list just doesn’t seem worth it to be honest. But Buzz promised a lot to a lot of people, so why has it now been shot in the head?

Well it has always been dogged with problems from the day it was launched. The main issue being privacy and the fact that Google seemed to have you ‘following’ lists of people that it decided you should follow based on your contact list.

It also featured heavily in Inbox integration. You could see your Buzz feeds and emails side-by-side. This seemed to be Google’s attempt at Inbox domination, you should see everything in one place (much like the ill fated ‘Wave’ experiment) but to most this was just confusing. Personally, I couldn’t see the point of it at all, and I believe there is a deeper reason why people can’t be bothered with it…

Show me the money

I work in IT doing this SEO and web lark thingy. It’s a great place to be, I love it and to keep things interesting I post to Twitter and Facebook, but I do that for a reason – I do it because there’s some marketing to be done. I do it to get exposure for my business or to get links for my website or to build trust amongst other marketeers. I do it because by using these channels to build a rapport with people then I will probably be able to spread news of my business in places I wouldn’t have had chance to before.

In short, I do it to make money.

Buzz needed people to sign up to a Google account and whilst it appears that world+dog do have an account, many people, some of whom I want to engage with, don’t. This limits my network.

Facebook and Twitter are independent. You don’t need to be in any kind of club in order to join their services and the entry exam is easy. Sweet.

So, I can use Facebook and Twitter (via other routes if needs be) to get my message across and it’s easy. This blog posts straight to Facebook, no messin’ from me, it just does it. I could probably do the same with Buzz, but why bother?

Marketing is about playing the numbers and for me and a lot of other people in the industry, the numbers just didn’t add up and so Google is going to strangle it.

Bye bye Buzz, whoever you were.

About Andy Calloway

Head of SEO at Calloway Green, Andy has been writing for print and the web for over ten years. Some of it makes it into publication, some of it is stored in plexi-glass and sunk to the bottom of the sea.

5 Responses to Google Buzzes Off

  1. Agent Mango says:

    Google Buzz is not a big deal to lose. I’ve never used it too nor open the homepage. Seems like Google’s mission to conquer the world has failed. The idea of a centralized account for all Google services is great but it limits our connections.

  2. Peter says:

    Although I agree that Buzz, really isn’t of major consequence, I do believe google + is going to dominate in years to come. with so much social online activity it’s great to have a homebase – FB have their timeline, performing a similar function.

  3. kevin blumer says:

    i never really got the point of buzz it allways seemed a dead project +1 im waiting the code that i used was a bit bugy and didnt want to work with my blog

  4. I agree with you when first spotted google buzz i felt excited to get my word across many people.Later it proven unsuccessful.And yeah twitter and facebook are good platforms to spread your things.There is a simple logic over here “shout where people are and no use of shouting where no one would hear as no one is interested” same goes to google buzz.If we apply same effort over twitter or facebook which we make on buzz can yield fantastic results.

  5. I think a lot more people will sign up to google now the plus one +1 is getting more popular.

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