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Getting on page one of Google

Oh hum.

Now. It’s kinda the done thing for people in our industry (web marketing etc.) to put a list of websites they are doing SEO for and then show the keywords they’re working on for them. We love ourselves you see. But we don’t do that. We’ve never done that and I really couldn’t explain why we hadn’t done that until today when Chris (the chinny one) sent a link to a site that was doing that and it made me think – “Us SEO lot really are very stupid sometimes”.


If you choose keywords that nobody uses, trust me, you can get on to page one easily.

So, when you see a list of keywords that someone is saying they’ve worked on, I’ll give you the run down on how to actually check them out and see if they’re really ‘all that’.

Check they really are on page one

OK, this should be a no-brainer because unless the company really is run by Mr & Mrs Stupid, they will have checked that what they’re saying is true. Those sites will all appear on page one.

Check that somebody is actually using those search terms

In order for a search term to be relevant, people need to be typing it in and finding sites. Remember, the Internet is full of people, billions of ‘em and so if a keyword is known, it will be used. If someone is number one on absolutely every search engine for a term that is never used, it’s pointless.

Really. You might think that you’re great for being number one for ‘karate books‘ or something, but it’s absolutely pointless if nobody’s searching for it. So, go to Google and type in ‘Google Keyword Tool’ and you’ll be sent (unsurprising enough) to the Google Keyword Tool.

Type in the keyword that the crazy company are saying they’re so bloody good at and see how many searches were actually done last month for it. It will tell you there in black and off-white.

Now remember that unless they’re number one for that term, they will only get 60% (ish) of the clicks. Then remember that the average visitor conversion rate is about 3-5% and that will tell you how many potential enquiries that customer got. They’ve then got to turn those visitors into customers.

I did this on a list promoted by a rival in our industry (no, I won’t tell you who, I’m not that nasty) and across all of the keywords they mention are on page one there were potentially 28 enquiries. And that was being optimistic.

So, all those page one postitions are pointless.

About Andy Calloway

Head of SEO at Calloway Green, Andy has been writing for print and the web for over ten years. Some of it makes it into publication, some of it is stored in plexi-glass and sunk to the bottom of the sea.

11 Responses to Getting on page one of Google

  1. Franchises says:

    Good advice! I’ve so often seen companies claim they are number 1 on Google for this or that keyword and then when you look at their claim actually its a very uncompetitive keyword because nobody actually searches for it. If you are going to hire an SEO company, ensure you check the keywords they claim they will be optmising your site for… use a simple tool like Googles keyword tool which will give an indication of number of searches being made each month for any specific term.


  2. Yes it is really not easy to get in top of Google rankings. The tips given by you are of great help and i am pretty sure that many people are going to like it.

  3. right to get on the top of the Google one has to do a lot of things !thanks for the info!

  4. Torben says:

    THX for some very good advise. Have just used Google Keyword Tool – and that is very helpful. Thanks

  5. logo design says:

    nice tips, people should also focus on onpage factors as they are rushing towards offpage..

  6. machoman says:

    thank you! I really liked this post!

  7. I tell my clients that all the time – these companies who claim they can get you on page one…. 99% of the time it’s for terms you’d never use. If it sounds too good to be true, it very well might be!

  8. baddy says:

    The tips given by you are of great help and i am pretty sure that many people are going to like it.

  9. i dont care about the page rankings nor the alexa rankings. what matters to me is getting on page one of Google. and that’s what i focus on. maybe every seo experts have different internet marketing approach.

  10. Hi,
    Fantastic post.
    I really admire this kind of information.
    Thanks for tips and advice.

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