Get Your Site Mobile, or Your Rankings Will Drop

On Thursday 26th Feb, Google made a pretty big announcement. It was so significant that the nerdosphere went crazy, however to most in the business world it meant absolutely nothing. Again, it’s one of those technical things that just flies over the head of many business owners, but you know what? You should listen up […]

How To Post Your Instagram Pictures Directly to Twitter


Instagram, Twitter and Facebook have had a bit of a love-hate relationship over the years. Facebook owns Instagram and yet as much as they try, people will still use Twitter. Instagram allows you to post an image to your timeline and at the same time share it with Facebook and Twitter. However, the two don’t […]

3 Sneaky Tools to Spy on Your Competitors

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See that website over there? The one that’s higher up in the ranking than yours? How’s that so? How come they’re getting all the gravy? We’d all like our websites to be number one for something, but more likely than not, some other site is sitting there and we don’t know why. Thing is, Google […]

Curating content – the way to ensure you have plenty to say


We are currently moving away from the term “SEO” to describe the effort involved in increasing the rankings of websites. The buzzword of the season is now “content marketing” and everyone pretty much knows what that means. If you’re still a bit unsure, it’s essentially the act of creating informative, entertaining content and getting out […]