You’re not doing this one thing that can boost your blog visits by 934%


…So it doesn’t really matter that Facebook is cracking down on it! Click-baiting. It’s fun, it’s a scourge, it’s what’s wrong with the net and Facebook today. Whatever your view it’s about to get the push from Facebook and to many this is about time. What is click-bait? You’ve probably seen links all over the [...]

How telling stories enhances your content marketing


Marketers the world over have been extolling the virtues of storytelling as a method of getting brands firmly positioned within the minds of their potential customers for years. Now, as content marketing becomes the latest trend, telling stories is seen as the ideal way of telling people all about your business and many companies make [...]

Is link building still valuable?

Is link building still a valuable tactic in 2014? Well I happen to believe it is and it’s a powerful one, too. It’s not all about creating millions of links anymore, the days when the site with the most links wins the search engine war are over and now it’s about quality and whether people [...]