The 4 Cs Driving Mobile Search, Shopping & Buying


We’re always hearing about mobile and the way it’s completely changing the way we do business (or should be doing business), this article really does dig down to some properly meaty figures. For example, I love this quote: Conversion. 70% of Bing mobile users convert within five hours of their mobile search. PC users take […]

Top SEO Myths


Every now and then you come across a post that makes you want to stand up and start clapping. This is one of those posts and I urge you to read it. The great thing is, it comes from Bing and they’re a pretty big search engine. It’s not made up stuff, it’s good stuff […]

The Right Content for The Right Audience


I was sat round a board room table with a group of  directors of a fairly large company. The managing director laughed when we talked about his website being mobile friendly. Apparently, “people won’t search for their technical products on a mobile device”. I could have left it there, but I hate assumptions. Especially when […]

Three Ways Cheap SEO Can Ruin Your Google Ranking


A few days ago we decided to do some research to judge the potential take-up on a course we’re offering to small business. Now we know that small business owners don’t have much time, but we also know they don’t have much money so we think have an answer. However, our research pointed to some […]

Define or Die


On my commute to my office, I walk past a small a charity shop. It’s been there for years. From what I can tell, they sell everything from skateboards to socks. They do their best to get my attention. They’ve got big signs up in the windows that talk of the good work they do. […]

You’re not doing this one thing that can boost your blog visits by 934%


…So it doesn’t really matter that Facebook is cracking down on it! Click-baiting. It’s fun, it’s a scourge, it’s what’s wrong with the net and Facebook today. Whatever your view it’s about to get the push from Facebook and to many this is about time. What is click-bait? You’ve probably seen links all over the […]